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Compliance Reminder - Emergency Action Plans

OSHA 1910.38 requires employers to have emergency action plans (EAP). The plans may be verbal if you have less than 10 employees at a facility and are required to be written if you have greater than 10 employees reporting to a facility. The primary objective of the EAP is to simply ensure your employees know what to do in the event of an emergency. Typical EAPs include procedures and guidance on a variety of potential threats such as severe weather, earthquakes, active shooter, fire, and others. Integral to these plans are facility evacuation routes and exits.

In order to comply with OSHA 1910.38, the funeral home must regularly train employees on the response action expectations for each potential threat outlined in the EAP. This said, spring time in the U.S. is a great time to get employees together and review your EAP procedures with special attention on severe weather actions such as safe areas in the facility to go in the event of a tornado for example.


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