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Frequently Asked Questions



 01  How much do your services cost?

Each of our services can be obtained independently or bundled together.  We also offer discounted pricing for multi-year contracts.  The following are our fees for our services:  


Annual Training Per Employee:  $125

Annual Consulting Retainer:  $400/facility

OSHA Compliance Self-Assessment:  $600 (includes recommendations)

Written Programs Manual:  $350

Cloud-based Safety Data Sheet Management:  $300/Yr + $300 one-time setup fee


Please contact us for a proposal.



 02  Am I required to have a Respiratory Protection Program?

It depends.  The funeral home is required to have a respiratory protection program if there are airborne hazards associated with a person's job that could affect their health.  Examples include excessive formaldehyde exposures and bioaresols such as TB exposures.  The most common trigger for required respiratory protection is spill clean up.  It is very difficult to not exceed regulated formaldehyde exposure limits when cleaning up a significant spill of embalming fluid.  Of course, OSHA allows an employee to wear their own respirator at work if they choose regardless of any requirement by law to do so.  The funeral home has certain responsibilities to the employee who chooses to wear their own respirator per OSHA 1910.134, Appendix D.  We recommend to all of our clients to strongly consider an appropriate respiratory protection program as a prudent, proactive step in protecting employees.



 03  How often should I conduct formaldehyde exposure monitoring?

As long as the funeral home has adequate, representative exposure monitoring results on file that are below the permissible exposure limits (PEL) and any action levels, then only one time.  However, if you have a change in process such as new chemicals, a remodeled embalming room, new ventilation system, or others, then you are required to re-monitor employees.  OSHA mandates certain exposure monitoring frequencies for formaldehyde if either PELs or Action Levels are exceeded.  We recommend annual formaldehyde exposure monitoring be conducted on embalmers for all of our clients.



 04  Am I required to maintain a Cleaning & Disinfection Schedule?

Yes.  OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, 1910.1030, requires that all surfaces contaminated with bodily fluid be appropriately cleaned and disinfected as soon as possible and not to exceed the work shift.  Obviously there is some leeway on timing, but we recommend that the funeral home document this cleaning and disinfection activity.



 05  What are potential monetary penalties from OSHA citations?

Willful violations can be as much as $70,000 per violation.

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