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We offer online required OSHA compliance training for employees.  Satisfy your annual obligation to train employees using our suite of required training modules powered by our user-friendly learning management system (LMS).  In addition, claim continuing education credits towards your license renewal as a result of completing our courses.  


We offer the following OSHA-required training for funeral directors, embalmers, removal personnel, cemetery personnel, and administrative staff:


Formaldehyde Training for Funeral Workers

Bloodborne Pathogens Training for Funeral Workers

Hazard Communication

Respiratory Protection

Voluntary Use of Respirator - OSHA Appendix D

Tuberculosis Infection Control Training for Funeral Workers

Emergency Action Plan

Portable Fire Extinguisher Awareness

EHS Management System

General Health and Safety - Funeral Homes/Cemeteries

Access to Employee Exposure and Medical Records

Safe Equipment Operation

Excavation Safety - Graves


Each training module consists of two parts:  1) material, and 2) examination.  Upon completing the material, the user is allowed to take the examination.  Upon successful completion of the examination, an electronic certificate of completion is generated for the employee.  This certificate of completion is archived and accessible at all times by the employee and funeral home administrator within our LMS.


Each employee group is assigned certain training modules based upon their occupational exposure and job description.  In addition, our LMS allows each funeral home assigned administrator to add or delete users, reset passwords, assign courses, delete courses, receive regular training compliance scorecards, and more.  


















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