We offer consulting to help solve compliance problems, answer questions, interpret regulations, and more.  Our job is to be there when you need us regarding situations you may encounter relative to employee injuries, inquiries, OSHA inspections, and others.  In addition, as part of our consulting retainer, clients are encouraged to obtain our EH&S Compliance Manual consisting of all of the required OSHA written programs such as Bloodborne Pathogens, Hazard Communication, Formaldehyde, Respiratory Protection, and others.  As part of our client family, it is important to be able to operate off of the same set of written programs.


We also strive to keep our clients reminded of certain compliance tasks each month.  We send each of our clients a friendly email entitled "Compliance Alert" to remind them to perform certain tasks.  Sustaining OSHA compliance month-to-month is by far more difficult than simply attaining it initially.  Like many things, maintaining a high sense of urgency around compliance is the funeral home's challenge.  We also keep each of our clients apprised of any OSHA regulatory changes that might affect their operation.